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Soundproof Glass Barriers for Highways

21 March 2016

The Soundproof and Shatterproof Glazing for Highway are used on A1 Motorway from Naples to Milan. Next Generation Soundproof Glazing Barriers are a concentrate of innovation and technology, produced by La Tecnica nel Vetro srl in order to improve the safety of drivers and the comfort of the areas surrounding the highway. Each Shatterproof and Soundprof Glass used for the laying of Sound-absorbing barriers is designed to provide excellent performance in acoustic protection, resistance to accidental impacts and extreme weather conditions.


Barriere Fonoassorbenti in Vetro Antisfondamento Sabbiato su Autostrada A1


Shatterproof Glass by La Tecnica nel Vetro are a product that guarantees excellent structural and resistance performances. Thanks to their specifications, the Shatterproof Glazing have been chosen for the Italian Autostrade, became another symbol of the quality of Made in Italy. As well as in the transport sector, Shatterproof glass produced by La Tecnica nel Vetro are used in curtain walls building, walkable glass, balustrades and glass elements for the furniture interior design.

La Tecnica nel Vetro invites you to contact the technical department, to receive specialist support and an exclusive quote.


Vetri Antisfondamento La Tecnica nel Vetro - Fase di Lavorazione