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Our Commitment

The passion and dedication of the staff employed by La Tecnica nel Vetro represent the “engine” that drives the growing success of the company over time. As has always been the case, our main competitive advantage lies in our human resources, considered an important element in addressing the challenges, the needs of the market and the demands of our customers.

We believe, above all, in offering the right job opportunities, investing in the recruitment and training of young graduates, in the search for specialised skills key to the development of our business.

We aim to inform and include personnel in the company’s latest organisational and strategic activities, therefore establishing lasting relationships over time, inspired by the principles of professional growth and recognition of merit.

For us, it is important to maintain satisfied customers, as well as a challenging and dynamic work environment, full of opportunities for growth and focused on the development of knowledge and skills for our resources. The right incentives to successfully face the challenges posed by current times are only possible within the scope of a working environment open to innovation and change.

Based on these principles, we have signed and guaranteed, in view of the corporate community and of the social community with whom we interact, compliance with an extremely strict code of ethics in terms of quality, environmental factors and safety.

We are committed to recognising these values, within our operations, in order to serve as credible witnesses and to play an active role in making the world a better place, where we live and raise our children.