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La Tecnica nel Vetro S.p.A. is a leading company in flat glass processing. Specializing in high quality Made in Italy products such as Jumbo Size Glass, Layered Safety Glass, Insulating Glass and Structural Facade Glass. We offer international shipping and are present with locations in Italy, U.S.A. and Canada.

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Italian Know-How

Proven experience and Italian know-how guarantee high-quality products and innovative solutions in the processing and transformation of flat glass.

Global Expansion

International expansion with established relationships in Europe and America. Export to these markets reflects the reputation and attractiveness of LTNV products globally.

Custom machining

LTNV con stabilimento di 10000 mq soddisfa le esigenze dei clienti. Offre vetri temperati, stratificati, vetro camera, vetri isolanti e elementi di design per molteplici applicazioni.

La Produzione

Curtain Wall

Contemporary design and superior reliability. Transform your architecture with structural glass facades, a perfect combination of modern style and durability. Create bright and transparent environments, enhancing your space.

Bird-Safety Glass

Protection for birds and style for your environment. Discover Bird-Safety Glass, the innovative solution to prevent bird impacts on glass. Certified safety and custom design. Help protect birds and create a unique environment.

Laminated Glass

Safety and design in harmony. Discover our laminated glass, the ideal choice for a safe and attractive environment. Impact resistance and shatter protection. Create a unique and reliable space with our custom laminated glass.

Tempered Glass

Versatility without compromise with tempered glass. Use them in facades, doors, windows and more. Choose the perfect strength and aesthetics for your design project.

Interior Design Glass

Limitless creativity and quality. Digitally printed glass with high-resolution ceramic ink. Personalize your spaces with unique and long-lasting designs.

Enamelled Glass

Elevate your design with glazed glass. A versatile option for creating modern, vibrant surfaces perfect for architectural and interior design projects.

Discover the quality and innovation of flat glass

We meet your needs with tailored products and customized solutions. Contact us today to turn your vision into reality

We meet your needs with tailored products and customized solutions. Contact us today to turn your vision into reality


We make Glass, Glass makes Magic.





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