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One Brand. The guarantee of the quality of our products derives directly from a long and precious tradition of glass artisans. In 1999 our father, Luigi Gargiulo, worked glass as an expert craftsman. Our technological and innovative industry was born from his hands. And we never forget that some precious characteristics of our glass can only be obtained thanks to human hands.

La Tecnica Nel Vetro S.p.A was founded in Pimonte in 1999, like a small family-run glass factory led by Luigi Gargiulo.

Over the years, thanks to continuous investments in new machinery and the unstoppable desire to be key players in the flat glass market, the small family business moved to Sant’Antonio Abate. This step was decisive for the company which began to expand its operations and expand the network of consolidated relationships with the key players in the market. Gennaro Gargiulo and Ferdinando Gargiulo, respectively Director and Production Manager, begin to transform the business model in order to make LTNV able to operate in international contexts.

To make perceived the effect of Made in Italy, transferring Italian know-how, leveraging Italian production and labor and exploiting the mastery of the national context, were the keys that opened the doors of exports to Europe first, and America later.

In 2014, La Tecnica nel Vetro S.p.A is established in Scafati (SA) in a production plant of about 7000 square meters, where the offices, the production department and the warehouse are currently located.

The new Scafati headquarters confirms the company's propensity to grow steadily over time, not only by expanding the wealth of experience and knowledge of production processes, but also by consolidating its position as an actor leader in the processing and transformation of flat glass, becoming a S.p.A. company in 2017.

The quality of our product is certified nationally (UNI Cert.), As well as in Great Britain (BSI Kitemark), USA (IGCC IGMA – SGCC) and France (Cekal).

La Tecnica Nel Vetro to date, transforms flat glass to create:

  • Tempered, laminated and HST test glasses up to 236x126 inches;

  • Insulating Glass for structural projects up to 236x126 inches;

  • Insulating glass and point fixing up to 236x126 inches;

  • Design elements in glass and glass decorated with digital printing on glass up to 236x126 inches.


Dedicating passion, innovation, quality and synergies in order to actively contribute to the growth of the flat glass sector, thanks to constant investments that not only make the local territory a pole of innovation, but that allow the company to be a reference leader that conveys and co-participates in the changes taking place.


Glass represents the fundamental pivot for the future of construction, it supports the environment and is considered one of the elements capable of facing the current challenges of sustainability, green building, design and impact in the aesthetics of urban planning.

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