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Bird-Safe Glass from La Tecnica nel Vetro S.p.A. represents an innovative solution designed to address the growing problem of bird impacts on glass, an increasingly common phenomenon in urban areas. Thanks to its long experience and constant focus on innovation, the company has developed a wide range of Bird-Safe Glass products and solutions aimed at meeting different customer needs and ensuring maximum safety for birds.

Digital Print

One of the solutions offered by La Tecnica nel Vetro S.p.A. is Digital Printing on Glass with ceramic inks. This advanced printing technique makes it possible to personalize glass with certified patterns, making it simultaneously aesthetically attractive and bird-safe.

With this solution, it is possible to create a wide range of decorative patterns on glass, which serve a dual function: beautifying rooms and preventing birds from hitting the glass during flight.

Cosa vediamo noiCosa vedono gli uccelli

Coating UV

A special coating designed to make glass opaque and visible to birds without compromising its transparency. This coating, applied to the surface of the glass, prevents birds from perceiving the glass as a transparent barrier, thus reducing the risk of accidental collisions.

UV Coating is an ideal choice for large windows and imposing building facades, where the danger of bird impacts is particularly high.

Laser Etch

A sophisticated laser engraving system to create highly detailed decorative patterns on glass. These decorative patterns not only give the glass a unique appearance, but also play a crucial role in making the glass safe for birds. Thanks to the precision of the laser, it is possible to create extremely precise and intricate decorative patterns that hinder birds during flight and deter them from hitting the glass.

Laser etch technology makes it possible to customize decorative patterns according to customers' specific preferences and needs, thus offering tailor-made solutions.


the use of Plastic PVB involves the insertion of a thin plastic film between the panes of glass, which acts as a protective barrier preventing birds from directly striking the glass.

Questa soluzione è particolarmente adatta per finestre e porte a vetro, dove la sicurezza degli uccelli è una priorità.

Innovation & Protection

Bird-Friendly Glass


Technique in Glass stands out as a Bird-Friendly company that actively cares about the protection of birds and the ecosystem in general. Through an ongoing commitment to the environment, we aim to offer increasingly effective solutions to prevent bird impacts on glass and help protect the ecosystem.


Together with The Technique in Glass, not only do you get innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for bird safety on glass, but you also support a company that puts environmental protection first. The constant search for new solutions and technologies demonstrates a desire to constantly improve bird safety and the environmental impact of human activities.


By choosing our Bird-Safe glass, you will help preserve the beauty of nature and promote harmonious coexistence between birds and the urban environment.

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