Paint your Dreams on Glass

The digital print on glass with ceramic paints is an extraordinary opportunity at the service of furniture projects created by architects and designers. The level of customization is very high on any glass component, regardless of the intended use of it. In addition to images and geometric shapes, the glasses can be customized with canvas and textures.

The realism obtained through glass printed with marble or wood effects is extraordinary and allows you to benefit from the lightness and practicality of glass even in replacement of the original materials that are replicated. For jumbo glass, the individual panels are printed each with a different design from the other, to compose the final image and thus have a unique result.

Customizable glass design elements

Thanks to the Digital Printing on Glass technology, it is possible to imprint photographic or vector images inside the plate, personalizing and making spaces and environments unique.

Endless possibilities

The glass becomes marble, wood, it takes on various colors and can be decorated with any design chosen by the customer. Vector models can be used for a wide range of architecture and interior design applications, to define and characterize spaces.

Each pattern or texture can be used as a basis for unlimited options.

convenienza stampa digitale su vetro

Make your project unique.