porta in vetro a battente con stampa digitale

Customize your spaces

Glass becomes marble, wood, metal and forms of various kinds. Digital printing on glass with ceramic paints is an extraordinary opportunity at the service of furniture projects created by architects and designers. The degree of customization is very high. The realism obtained through printing allows you to benefit from the lightness and practicality of glass, even in replacement of the original materials that are replicated. For large windows it is possible to create individual components that form an image with a unique result.



which is obtained through infinite possibilities of printing on glass with customized shapes and finishes. Create your collection of glass doors and dividers. An added value that expands the range of your products.


thanks to a department dedicated to digital printing, where expert graphic designers and skilled workers follow the entire production process, from the graphic composition to the creation of the glass. The design office is also responsible for providing assistance in architectural and interior projects upon request, in addition to renderings to support the commercial activity.


glass printing with ceramic paints generates images up to 1400dpi in very high resolution thanks to the Dip-Tech NeRA digital printing system. Once printed, the images remain etched in the glass thanks to the tempering process, at which temperatures the special ceramic paint vitrifies, becoming part of the glass.