Digital Print on Glass

The new digital printer with ceramic paints on tempered glass , allows you to print on a maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm. The new generation digital printing on glass guarantees clear and very high resolution images, from graphic files supplied directly by the customer or processed by our technical department. Digital printing proves to be the most advantageous solution for decorating glass to be used in interior furnishing projects, up to the customization of glass components for structural curtain walls of any size.


The process

The digital printing on glass phase with ceramic paints is followed by the Glaston FC500 furnace quenching process. Tempering allows ceramic paints to vitrify at high temperatures, preserving their quality over time at any exposure. The vivid colors and the perfection of the details will resist exposure to atmospheric phenomena, UV rays and wear over time, remaining virtually unchanged. The hardening can be associated with H.S.T. test , to have total guarantees on the resistance of the glass.

Resolution up to 1400 dpi on glass.

Maximum dimension 236x126 inches

Paints that merge with glass during the tempering process.

Convenience compared to the screen printing process on glass

Maximum possibility of customization on the design.

Curtain Wall

Make your design projects unique.

Interior Design

Customizable glass design elements.


Custom doors

Make the access point to your spaces unique.