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Custom Curtain Walls

Our tempered glass printing process allows for the creation of unique glass components, decorated with custom designs that resist weather and last over time. The monolithic glasses, cut, machined and printed, subjected to the hardening process (with optional HST), are used to make insulating components to be used in the assembly of curtain walls and structural point facades.

The latest generation Dip-Tech printer that our production department is equipped with, allows you to print very high resolution images on flat glass formats up to 236x126 inches. For printing, only ceramic paints are used that vitrify at high temperatures, during the hardening process, becoming one with the substrate, for a quality and image retention that lasts over the years.



Applied to curtain walls, digital printing allows to obtain important results from the point of view of personalization.

Each component of the façade can have a different design and, when assembled together, the insulating glass forms part of the overall design of the structural curtain wall.

Digital glass printing is the ideal process for clients engaged in glass building customization projects for companies, corporations and business companies.

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High Resolution

Resolution up to 1400 dpi on glass. The highest ever seen on the market.

Jumbo Size

Maximum dimensions of 236x126 inches, for large projects with large dimensions.


Ceramic paints that merge with glass during the tempering process, linking their life cycle to that of glass.


Convenience compared to the screen printing process on glass and maximum customization on designs.


Maximum possibility of customization on the design, whether it is an image or a vector file, we can make it on glass.

Make your project unique.