Product features

La Tecnica Nel Vetro produces different types of laminated glass. The most popular units consist of two layers of glass glued together with one or more interlayers. Our layering process greatly reduces the risk of debris in case of breakage and the probability of breakage itself. The stratifca also improves the resistance factor.

The different penetration coefficients depend on numerous factors including the thickness of the glass and the type of interlayer selected. The laminated glass it can be made with different types of monolithic components. The interlayers used in laminated glass are available in a wide range of colors. Low-E coatings, screen printing and digital printing can be applied to the outer layers of the glass, in customized and original design solutions.

  • Tempered Glass + HST

  • Maximum dimension 236x126 inches
  • Custom Holes
  • Colored Interlayers
  • Custom size

Greater Security


Thermal insulation



Trosifol® – Vanceva®

Laminated glass interlayers are available in different color varieties. Colored laminates are an ideal solution for aesthetic and design glazing and can be customized according to the color table below.

colori interlayer stratifica vetri stratificati di sicurezza